You are connecting to our BBS Museum. In the BBS world, everything is done through the keyboard.
So start by setting up an account (free) which is fast and easy, then you can enjoy a flashback into the history of the online world!

Instructions on BBS use:

BBSs were before mice and touchscreens existed, so all communications are done via a keyboard.  However, your browser may require you to click on the BBS screen above to start typing in the BBS Portal.

If you find a file you would like to download from the BBS, select the "Ymodem-G" protocol (asked during download) and then click the "Download" button in the bottom left of the BBS Portal area.

While you visit, please post a message for the other visitors to see and respond to.  The whole idea of BBSs was making new friends online.  Not only did Digicom start lots of lifelong friendships, but it also found true love for two members who are still married 30 years later.  

If you would like to see what it looked like in 1983 speeds, click here.

If you like, you can also Telnet into the BBS directly by going to port 2323.  You can also visit and download NetRunner, which is a terminal program to visit 100s of BBSs still in existence.  

*** If you get a "cannot connect" error, please REPORT IT and try again later. ***
We are dealing with vintage technology, so bugs do happen, although rarely.
The sound of a 56K modem calling into a BBS via the phone lines.